Enjoy your summer holidays! Remember, it is time for relaxation, quality time with family and friends and connecting with the things you feel passionate about. It is time to do all those things that you don’t normally get to do in your busy, every day routines.

Enjoy the rest, but don’t forget to get also ready for Middle One – it is going to be an exciting, challenging adventure for you! You are all going to do such an amazing job! Remember, I will want to hear all about it!

But before M1, have a restful and relaxing summer!

And then in September – IGNITE YOUR LIGHT and LET IT SHINE!


Useful Websites

The summer is long… Here is some websites that we have been using this year if you want to have a little play around:









http: www.education.com/Worksheets

Humanities and Reading:




And this one is for parents about reading comprehension:



What a day we had on Monday! First of all, thank you to all the parents for attending the Math Open House – the room was very full (!) of excitement, laughter and learning! We were even more excited to show you our AMAZING Revolutions Projects – so much of incredible learning had been achieved through the projects and we were happy to have a chance to share that learning with you!

The afternoon was full of surprises! I knew something was going on as I had seen Nina, Lucy and Sam whispering about it all day.  But I could not have expected a more fabulous surprise! The students had put together a leaving party for me! They had gotten Mrs. Descamps involved, who had given them a permission to stay inside for the break and hide away in Mrs. Go’s Science Lab. Then they got Mrs. Jenkins to come and pull me away from my class room with a ridiculous little excuse and while I was with Mrs. Jenkins, Nina, Lucy and Sam laid out the party food with the help of Mrs. Descamps.  They had purchased and prepared vegetables, chips and a dip, Finnish chocolate from the delicious  (Swedish) candy store in West Village called Sockerbit, and Melissa’s cupcakes!

So when I had picked up the class from Long Play, there was this amazing party laid out for all of us! Nina had also prepared a great song/dance list on her Youtube account, starting with the Finnish National Anthem with the Finnish flag as a background! I hope Nina will be able to put her list on the open YOUtube so that I can post it later here on the blog.

We had so much fun dancing around the room, singing together and enjoying the treats!







Thank you to Nina, Lucy, and Sam for organising this wonderful surprise!

Thank you to all J4R students for celebrating with me!

Ms. Ruokanen

J4R Picnic in Central Park

Oh, how much fun we had in Central Park last night! Of course it started raining right at 5 p.m. when we were supposed to gather together, but luckily it was just a little shower that went away quickly and for the rest of night the weather was beautiful! The students all played happily together and parents mingled – what a lovely ending for the wonderful year! Warm thanks to the classparents for organising this marvellous family event!

























Dear Parents of J4R,

On Monday June 11, J4’s are hosting a Math Open House at 9.00. You will have an opportunity to see your children work solving problems and finding results both on hands- on and technology enhanced activities. Join us to learn about the different ways the students engage in Math activities. You are welcome to come anytime during 9.00-9.30.


At 9.30 we will send you parents out of the classroom to enjoy some refreshements on the hallway. Around 9.40 we will invite you back in to view the amazing work the students have done researching various revolutions. You will have chance to see posters and  power point presentations on American Revolution and French, Russian, Italian, Belgian, Haitian, Chinese revolutions as well more recent events of Arab Spring and occupy Wall St, amongst others. Come and learn about the power of change!



9.40-10.00 REVOLUTIONS  

The Last EVER Homework for J4R!


You have done a great report/presentation on a revolution you chose. At school we have focused on American Revolution. Compare now the events, causes and outcomes of your revolution and the American Revolution using the Venn Diagram provided. If you researched American Revolution, then make a comparison between Patriot America and Loyalist America.

LITERACY – Writing

The year is coming to an end and it is time to look back and reflect on the year. What were some of the highlights of the year for you? Were there some surprises, disappointments, challenges, learning moments that have really stuck in your mind? Think about your year and tell about the moments that were important to you. Please write this in letter format. You can use a computer or just write it by hand.


Problem-Solving Skill: Choose a Computation Method. Start with Reteach and then do the Practice.

J4 End of the Year Musical Performance

Dear Parents of J4R,

Just a reminder that the most anticipated event of the year, the J4 End of Year Musical Performance, is soon approaching! The event will take place on Tuesday, June 5 at 9 a.m. in the UNIS theatre. Invitations to this event were sent in the beginning of the month, so hopefully you all have reserved this morning for song and dance! Parents are also welcome to join us in our classroom afterwards for a festive brunch and invited to bring little refreshments for the brunch. This is our official End of the Year celebration, so I am hoping to see many of you there!