Welcome to J4R Blog!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the J4R learning community! I’d like to introduce myself: My  name is Maija Ruokanen and I come from Finland. Though, for the past  seven years I have lived in Asia. First I lived in Vietnam teaching at United    Nations International School of Hanoi. I really enjoyed UNIS and learnt a  lot while in Vietnam. After Hanoi, I moved to Bangkok, teaching at New  International School of Thailand (NIST). At NIST, I also worked as a year  level coordinator, and again, I learnt a lot! Before moving to Asia, I lived in  Finland, teaching in two different international schools there, International  School of Helsinki and Oulu International School. Oulu is also the place where  I went to university, I studied in a special teaching training programme called  ‘International Master of Education’ in which we focused in all the matters  intercultural and diverse!

Originally I come from the Arctic Circle from a town called ‘Rovaniemi’. We Finns believe that it is the location where the REAL Santa Claus comes from. That’s why Rovaniemi is known all over Finland, Europe and all the way to Japan. We get a lot of visitors to visit our Santa’s Village. My parents still live in Rovaniemi and I have altogether 5 nieces and nephews living there as well!

In Finland we speak Finnish as our mother tongue. I lived in Australia as an exchange student in High School to learn English. Since then I have also lived in Paris, France and know some French. I love studying languages and I think I have studied about 9 different languages throughout my life. Come and test me – maybe I know one of yours!

I’m looking forward to sharing the learning that will be going on in J4R. I hope this blog will help you know more of your child as a learner and us as a learning community. Happy learning, everyone!


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