HOMEWORK for the Week of September 12-16

Please do the work on workbook in teh homework folder unless there is a separate worksheet for the task.

Spelling and Word Study/Writing

1. Write a
letter to me telling about you. It could include things that you like, your
hobbies, description of your family, where you live, even SECRETS! I won’t show
it to anyone!

2. A ‘T’
That’s Me – see the attached photocopied task.

LITERACY – Reading

1. My Summer
Reading: What was my favorite reading this summer? Share information about it –
Maybe someone else will love it too!

2. Think of
what you have read this week. What stuck in your mind? What kind of an image
does it bring to your mind? Draw an illustration of the event/events. Write a
caption to describe what is happening in your picture.


1. Pattern-
Find out what is the dragon’s message in the sheet provided.

2. Show ‘My
Favorite Number’ to my parents and together add 3-5 points how to
make/represent the value of your chosen number.


1. North,
South, East or West? Photocopy attached.

2. Tell
about a place you visited this summer. Use some geographical terms (like North,
South, East or West) to describe the location. What did you see there? What did
you do there? Write at least 5 sentences about the spot. You can also include
drawings, pictures and maps.



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