Dear Parents of J4R,

This week we are practicing our weekly homework. Please don’t worry if your child is not sure what to do – let them try to figure it out and ask help from their friends or their teachers tomorrow! In the coming weeks we will plan what we will do each day at home – today we did not yet plan as it is still so new to us.

Please read the following Outline in order to understand how the homework practice works. The outline can also be found glued in the Study Books on the page of September 8,9,10,11. This week’s homework in glued on this week’s page. The students should also have a workbook and a homework folder with 5 sheets in it. The students might need your help, especially with the task 2 on Humanities. Good luck!

J4R Homework
Outline 2011-2012

Homework is
given out on Monday and it will be
returned back to school on Friday.
However, you will need to plan your work load, as it cannot be all completed on
one day. We will look at the tasks assigned on Monday at school and plan the
week ahead using the Study Book. Some work might require your parents’ input so
please ask them on Monday which week night would work best for them to help you
with the task. There are 8 tasks per week and in general you should do two tasks
a night.

There will
generally be two tasks on each of the following

Spelling and Word Study/Writing




In Addition
to that, you should be reading about 15 minutes a night. Please record the name
of the book you are reading and the pages you read in your Study Book under
RECORD. You can read something from the classroom library, from the Junior
School Library, or from home. The reading tasks will be often connected to what
you have read. Remember, reading is THINKING!

All the work
will be done the workbook provided. Additional sheets will be kept in the
homework folder. Please always name and date your work!

Aim to have
your completed work with you on Friday as we will share our learning then. The
objective of the weekly homework is to encourage planning and independent
responsibility for your assignment. If you know one of the weeknights will be
busy with after school activities or family engagements, plan to do less time
consuming work on those nights. You will soon learn to estimate how long
certain tasks will take you to complete them. The tasks are planned so that
they would have, as much as possible, real life application of the concepts
learnt at school.


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