J4R Learning Community Agreements

On Thursday we had a great discussion about how we should behave in the class to ensure that everyone will have their best opportunity to do their best in every activity in the class. We agreed that we all need to think about individually what is important to us as learners. We wrote our needs on yellow sticky notes and posted them on the white board. Then we grouped them to see how similar needs we all have in the class and 5 different categories emerged from the groups. We thought about them and wrote them into agreements together. Here is what we agreed we need to do in order to make learning happen in J4R:

J4R Learning Community Agreements

We agree:                                                                                                                                              

We will show respect for each
other and make sure we all feel safe.

2. We will help and encourage each other as friends.

3. We will ensure a quiet and peaceful learning environment for everyone.

4. We will listen to each other and share our ideas.

5. We will be responsible for our actions and make good choices.

On Friday we signed them all and displayed them in the classroom to remind us what we have agreed. These agreements will lead our work and collaboration in the class. It’s going to be a great year!


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