Homework for the Week of September 26-30

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

You have written a list of words created from the ‘No Excuse words’ we did in class in your study books. Do the following activities using those words.

1. Choose three of your favorite color pencils and write your spelling words using the
colors separately. Don’t just copy them but use the LOOK-SAY-COVER-WRITE-CHECK-strategy.

2. Write one sentence to go with each of your words, so altogether 10 sentences. They could have something to do with you, with school, with your hobbies etc.

LITERACY – Reading

Draw/Write a mind map of a story you know well (it could be of a story you read
this week).

2. Write a paragraph titled: Me as a Reader. In the paragraph, tell what kind of a reader you are, what kind of books you like to read, how many pages you like to read at a time, whether you devour a book or try to make it last, where you like to read, what you like to eat/drink when you read, if you make notes while you read – Anything that is important to your profile as a reader.


1. Do the double sided sheet How Big is Big? and Extra Practice.

2. Combine your geography knowledge with Math skills. Complete ‘Another Look’.


1. Think Globally! Do the sheet Globe Talk looking closely at vocabulary related to our

2. Continue being global! Revise your knowledge on continents with the sheet ‘The World Continents’.


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