J4R Homework for the Week of October 3 – 7

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

Research shows that sometimes it is best to work on longer than one week on spelling words for them to become intrinsic part of your vocabulary. So we continue working
with last week’s ‘no excuse’ words.

1. Write the words on a separate paper, and make little flip cards to memorize them. If you have cardboard, or some harder paper, that would be even better!

2. Make another set of the cards, and play a memory game with yourself. Mix the cards up the empty side facing upwards, and try to find the two partners – the same
two words. You might want to write the second set with a different color but
make sure the writing doesn’t come through.

LITERACY – Reading

1. Read the article about UNICEF twice. Underline or highlight what you think is important.

2. Read the article twice again. After that, please write a paragraph in your notebook explaining in your own words what you think it is that UNICEF does.


1. Explore million. During the week, pay attention to facts that are to do with million,
e.g. a population of a certain country. You can explore some non-fiction books,
websites etc. to find interesting million facts. Write the facts on your
notebook. You might want to collect this information over the week and work on
this task on many nights.

2. Round
your ‘million facts’ to the closest million, e.g.: the population of Finland is
5 391 699, which is rounded to the nearest million, 5 000 000.


1. Needs and Wants: Look around your house. List 10 things that you think you could not live without. Rank them in the order from 1 to 10 based of your needs.

2. Our School. What is our school like? Write a description telling about our school. Try to be as detailed as possible, and try to think from someone else’s point of
view that has never been to our school. We will use these writings in our
correspondence with our UNICEF school connection.


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