Homework for the Week of October 10-14

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

1. How many sounds does OUGH make? Look for this letter combination in any visual text around you for the week. Try to find as many words as possible, and see how many sounds you can find.

2. Use the collected words above and try to make a sentence as long as possible using as many words as you can – and make sure it still makes sense!

LITERACY – Reading

1. Choose one of the books that you are reading this week and find out which genre it represents. Write down an explanation why you think it belongs to it.

2. What is your favorite genre? Do you always try to find books in that genre? Whydo you like it so much? Write down some titles for recommendation of that genre andanything else that you find interesting/fascinating about it!


  1. Do the Number Clues sheet about
    mystery millions.

2. Show What You Know!


  1. Watch the story of UNICEF here: http://moveyourworld.unicef.ca/games/brief_history_of_unicef.html . Make a story map of history of the organization using your own words.

2. We will be doing our Outreach for a school in Nigeria. Find out some things about
Nigeria: location, population, climate, language etc. Maybe you also want to add a map of Nigeria, or any other visuals.


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