Reading Recommendations!

We were talking in the class how sometimes when we read independently, we have hard time finding some interesting titles in our Book Boxes. We realised that most of us really enjoy Roald Dahl books, but have by now read most of them. We would like to find something else similar to Roald Dahl, with similar difficulty level, similar sense of humour, similar feeling. So we started asking around what other books we have read that could be something to recommend? This is the list we got. The great thing about it that most of them are series!

Ron Roy: A to Z Mysteries

Loius Sacher: Wayside School

Rick Ricordan: The Lightning Thief

Chris Riddle: Ottoline

M. Masters: Can You Solve the Mysteries?

Neil Gaiman: Coraline

Amy Ignatow: The Popularity Papers

Jeff Kinney: Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Laurie Friedman: Mallory on the Move

J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter

Jenny Nimmo: The Children of the Red King

J.R.R. Tolkien: the Lord of the Rings

The list does get pretty hard towards the end, but these are some of the series the J4R students are recommending to each other. Next time when you can’t think of what to read, take a look!


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