Homework for the Week of October 17-21

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

1. This week you are getting a list of spelling words to practice. Practice the first 10 of
them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting! Then write
another sentence
in addition to the example one where you use the word. If
you want to challenge yourself, you can practice also the words 11-20. On
Friday we will play a game called Spelling City, just to see how well the words
stick to your mind.

2. Today you got your own Author’s Notebook.
Color and decorate, customize it to make it your own. Also try to make entries
this week with things that interest you!

LITERACY – Reading

1. On Friday we talked about how making connections when reading makes us to comprehend the text deeper. Today read with focus on making TEXT to SELF connections. Use sticky notes to mark the parts of text that remind you of something that has happened in your life. At the end, count how many connections you made.
Write your favorite one in your homework book explaining how the passage of the
text makes you think of something in your life.

2. TEXT to TEXT connections and TEXT to WORLD connections are much
harder to make. Now read with focus on making those and use sticky notes to
mark them. Then record one of them on your homework book, explaining how that
part of the text made you think of another text or movie, or a world event.


  1. Language List:
    Some world facts to celebrate the diversity around the UN Day!
  2. Review to see how well we have learnt
    the millions!


  1. http://education.jlab.org/reading/water_cycle.html. Do the cool task about water cycle online. You might want to do this task before our trip to Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Wednesday.
  2. Draw your own diagram of the water cycle. Use the information you learnt from the online task plus the information you gained on your trip to add detail!

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