Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Today we went on the field trip to Brooklyn Botanical garden. We were there to learn about plants and their different ecological environments. First we took a look a certain type of plants and what are common features in plants in a certain biome. We learnt, for example, that the plants in tropical climate have smooth, waxy leaves, in a pointy shape, that makes excess water drop out of them and water the roots of the plants instead.








After that we got to plant two of our own plants: Zebrina and Philodendron. We got to take them with us, and we will have them in our classroom for a while and then send them home to be grown to their full size there.















After that, we were divided in small groups and we got to go around the Garden’s special rooms representing some of the different biomes of the world: desert, tropics, wetlands and warm temperate.















It felt like going around thw world very quickly! To see all of this, and do a quick world tour, we definitely recommend the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!


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