U N I T E D   N A T I O NS                          N A T I O N S   U N I E S






Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to send my greetings to the students, staff and
faculty of the United Nations International School on the occasion of United
Nations Day.

Ten days from now, the human family will welcome its seven billionth member.

Some say our planet is too crowded.  I say we are seven billion strong.

The world has made remarkable progress since the United Nations was born
66 years ago today.  We are living longer.  More of our children survive.  More and more of us live at peace, under democratic rule of law.  As we have seen in this dramatic year, people everywhere are standing up for their rights and human freedoms.

And yet … all this progress isunder threat. From economic crisis.  Rising joblessness andinequality.  Climate change.  Around the world, too many people live
in fear.  Too many people believe their governments and the global economy
can no longer deliver for them.

In these turbulent times, we mustall seek unity of purpose.  Global problems demand global solutions. They compel all nations to unite in action on an agenda for the world’s people.

That is the very mission of theUnited Nations: To build a better world.  To leave no one behind.  Tostand for the poorest and most vulnerable in the name of global peace and social justice.

On this special day, let us recognize: Never has the United Nations been so needed.  In our increasingly interconnected world, we all have something to give and something to gain by working together.  Let us unite, seven billion strong, in the name
of the global common good.



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