J4R Homework for the Week of November 7-10

Please note there are no classes on Friday November 11 due to Parent-Teacher Conferences

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

1. This week you are getting a new list of spelling words to practice. Practice the first 10 of them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting! If you want to challenge yourself, you can practice also the words 11-20.

2. Ask your parents if they have spare magazines or newspapers that you can cut. Cut out letters to form your spelling words and glue each word on your homework
notebook. Make sure you get the spelling correct. On Monday the following week
we will play Spelling City, just to see how well the words stick to your mind.

LITERACY – Reading

1. In class we have been talking about how visualizing the events in the story makes us comprehend the text deeper. During your 15 minutes of homework reading, write down words from your reading that you thinkare powerful keywords.

2. Read the powerful keywords that you collected from your reading. Choose 5 that you think are the most powerful. Then think how you would draw that word. It might have to be a symbol or some other type of representation if your keyword is an
abstract concept or an adjective or a verb.


  1. Think About it! Using Logical Thinking to solve problems.

2. Clue Me in! Use the clues to find the numbers.

BONUS: We have only 3 nights to do homework this week but here is an extra task if you like.


Parts of Continents:
Before studying about UNICEF, we were learning about maps. Get your mind back
into maps by thinking about the continents, countries and states.



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