Our UNICEF Outreach to Nigeria

Last month we learned about UNICEF. We did an Outreach for a school in Nigeria that doesn’t have enough school supplies. We did chores for people and earned money to buy the school supplies. When the Outreach was over, all of the J4 classes had a meeting. People from UNICEF came to collect the donations. They explained to us where our donations would be going. They also showed us pictures of the school.           


A few weeks ago we were studying about Nigeria. So people from UNICEF came and a woman from Nigeria came as well. They told us about Nigeria; its schools, its money, its water and many more things. They showed us pictures and a video. They told us how UNICEF works and what it does.                                                                        –Tahyr

A few weeks ago, we were doing an Outreach to Nigeria. We were donating school supplies and putting them in a donation box in the classroom. The UNICEF representatives came and took them and will send them on an airplane to Nigeria. Fortunately, we have got many supplies (as shown in the pictures), so that was the best part of it. I do feel very excited about this. I feel very happy for the Nigerian students. Luckily we got so many supplies, as they have many students in each class. I do think there will be enough!                                                                                       – Arden

During the month of October 4th grade has been donating school supplies to a school in Nigeria. We gave the supplies to UNICEF to give to the school. J4R learned a lot about Nigeria and UNICEF. At the end of the project all the 4th graders met in Mr Lohmeyer’s class to talk about the Nigerian school and people who work for UNICEF came. We watched a video and realized that the students in Nigeria will be very happy when they will get the supplies!                                                                           – Sasha

These are the pictures that were taken the day we gave our school supply donation to Nigeria. There is a school in Nigeria that is in need of supplies. That day the UNICEF representatives came to take the supplies to transport them to Nigeria. Also a lady who had visited the school in Nigeria came. It was an amazing feeling to be helping!                                                                                                                                             – Nina


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