Homework for the Week of November 28 – December 2

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

1. This week you are getting a new list of spelling words to practice. Practice the first 10 of them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting! If you want to challenge yourself, you can practice also the words 11-20.

2. Now, practice writing the words with your weaker hand. Look at the word, say it aloud, then cover it and write it with your left/right hand. Check that you got it correct!

LITERACY – Reading

1. In class we have been focusing in visualizing the events in the story to make us comprehend the text deeper. We have also been visualizing the characters that we read about. Do your 15 minutes of reading focusing on your main character, thinking what they are like. You might even want to write down keywords on sticky notes.

2. Do a character web about your character. Think words/sentences to describe what they look like, how they act, what they like, what they do and how they do things. You can add drawings.


  1. Show what you know about algebraic expressions.

2.  Challenge: Associative Algebra!


  1. In class you have been learning about different water and land masses. Read the information about them and then try to use these specific geographic words to answer the questions. Please note that the sheet is double sided!
  2. Now learn some more map and geography words. See after reading if you can give answers to the questions. Again, the sheet is double sided!

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