Homework for the Week of December 5 – 9

This week we have a special homework arrangement:

LITERACY – Reading

Practice reading the three poems. The aim is to learn them by heart by the end of the week. You can try out different strategies: read two lines, cover them and test your memory, if you got it, then move to the next two lines. You can also practice visualizing them so that the words stick to your mind better. Ask someone to test you on them. But you might want to keep them a secret from your parents as we will be performing them on our Winter Musical Presentation.



Creating your own land! It can be a 2D map or a 3D representation. It could be anywhere on the earth. Include as many landforms and bodies of water as is reasonable for that area. If you don’t remember all of them, take a look at the Landforms booklet in the classroom that we researched and created. Make sure you will include:

Name of your land

Name of bordering countries, if any

A compass rose

Symbols to show landforms (for example, mountains, hills, plateaus)

Symbols to show regions (for example, forests, deserts)

Symbols to show man-made features (for example, airports, railroads, schools)

A key to explain your symbols

Two or Three cities with symbols and names

A scale of miles or kilometers

A longitude and a latitude line to locate your land

Before starting building your map representation, please draw a plan first. We will be working on this homework for two weeks, so you have plenty of time! Your project is due on Friday, December 16, but you can bring it in earlier if you feel it is finished and you’ve put your best effort into it.


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