J4R Homework for the Week of January 30 – February 3

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

  1. This week you are getting a new list of spelling words to practice. Practice all the words from 1-20 of them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting! Choose 10 out of the 20 that you are having most difficulty remembering how to spell. Look for cut out letters from magazines/newspapers to make those 10 words into your notebook. On Friday we will play Spelling City, just to see how well the words stick to your mind.
  2. Write out sentences using the 20 spelling words. Write as many sentences as you have to in order to use all of the 20 words. Your sentences have to make sense.

LITERACY – Reading

  1. In class we have accessed a website about exploration. Find it at home at Think Quest: Who Goes There? European Exploration of the New World at http://library.thinkquest.org/J002678F/. Read through the first route.
  2. After having read the text part, answer the questions on the double sided worksheet about each section of the text.


  1. Do the first side of the Math Word Problems. For question no 9, come up with your own problem! Find also the product.
  2. Do the second side of the Math Word Problems. Come up with another problem to solve. Make sure you know how to solve it!


  1. At the bottom of the Think Quest First Route page (http://library.thinkquest.org/J002678F/) read about the different countries and their explorers.
  2. Choose one that you are most interested in. Display the information you found about him in some graphic way e.g. using a mind map.



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