Biography Instructions!

Biography of an Ancestor

  1. Choose an ancestor or other relative, whose life you would like to learn about, and who you think will be fascinating to other people.
  2. Use parents, grandparents, and other relatives as resources. Telephone interviews, diaries, albums, family stories, and discussions are all helpful ways of getting information. Family friends can also be a good source of information.
  3. Write your biography in chronological order, from birth, family information, childhood, adolescence, adult life, and old age (if appropriate). Focus on the most unusual or exciting things the person did, and tell about them in detail. Did your subject have to overcome any special obstacles, or had major accomplishments? Those are often the most interesting for others to read about. You might want to use the timeline to organize these events.
  4. Include important dates (date of birth, and dates of other important events).
  5. Describe the physical appearance and personality of your subject.
  6. Write in a lively, engaging way so that others will enjoy reading what you have to say.
  7. If you can, include photos, drawings, and any other visual materials that will bring your biography to life.
  8. Have a great time learning about your relative, and writing about him or her!
  9. Be sure to proofread carefully, and present your information in a neat and organized manner. You may write your biography by hand, or on a computer.  Be sure to have an attractive cover with a picture of your subject!
  10. Hand in your finished biography on or before March 2, 2012.

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