Homework for the Week of February 13 – 16

LITERACY – Reading and Writing

We will start a project of writing a biography of our ancestors. Please see the additional instructions for it in the previous post. This project will be due on Friday March 2, so plan carefully with your family when you are going to work on it. Your parents might have to act as resources of information so please negotiate with them the best timetable for all of you. Maybe this week you can start by filling the timeline and deciding on which questions you will focus on. You might want to create your own questions to best fit your person.

Suggested timeline for the work:

Week of February 13-16: Preparation of questions, filling in timeline, setting an interview time, looking for pictures or other primary sources

Week of February 20 – 24: Interviewing

Week of February 27 – March 2: Writing up the biography


  1. Division! Use your multiplication fact knowledge to solve the division problems.
  2. Division Word Problems. Read the problems carefully! Use the space to work on your problem, include drawings if necessary.


We are going to be working on independent Explorer report very soon. You have learnt about the explorations of Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. You have also looked at Think Quest to learn more about other explorers. You might already have someone in mind that you would like to work on. Now spend some time looking for information on your explorer on Internet. See if there is enough information that you understand on him. If not, you might want to rethink your choice. Ask your parents help/permission to search on the Internet. Make some notes of websites that might be useful for your study.


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