J4R Homework for the Week of February 27 – March 2: Welcome back after February Break!

LITERACY – Reading and Writing

I hope you are well on your way with your ancestor biography. This week it is time to start typing/writing it up and inserting pictures, timelines, maps etc. in it. The project is due on Friday so make sure you are working towards that date. Please make sure your work includes a nice cover page and it is edited carefully and overall it looks like a beautiful, final copy!

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study

  1. Do the words on your list no 13. Make sure you copy them with LOOK-COVER-SAY-WRITE method. Make sure you also write all the 20 with your neatest handwriting!
  2. Now write up the words using colorful bubble letters into your homework book!


  1. Division! Let’s see where we are at with the Test Preps. Read the tasks carefully to avoid unnecessary mistakes!
  2. Continue to see how well you are doing with Division with the Test Prep p. 245

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