J4R Homework for the Week of March 5 – 9

LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Writing

  1. This week you are getting a new list of spelling words to practice. Practice all the words from 1-20 of them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting!
  2. Practice spelling your words using rainbow writing! It means that you tape three or four color pencils together and write the words on your book with the colors of the rainbow! Do not copy the words, but write them out of your memory.

LITERACY – Reading

  1. In class we are focusing on the reading comprehension strategy of Asking Questions. Asking questions about your reading before, during and after makes you think more about what you just read. Before reading your home reading of 15 minutes of your chosen Just Right Book, write down some of your before reading questions. You are probably in the middle of a book and know the characters, so you can make predictions and theories what might happen next.
  2. Read your 15 minutes of home reading but stop during the reading to think of your during reading questions. Write them down on sticky notes or in your homework notebook.
  3. Read your 15 minutes of home reading and at the end of the 15 minutes, think of after reading questions and write them down on your notebook. They might be answered the next time you are reading the same book.


  1. 1. Practice Division playing these fun games on http://www.fun4thebrain.com/division.html. On the website you can choose what you are interested in and have a game of Division about that topic! When starting, choose first a fact family that is between 1-6.
  2. 2. Now that you are more familiar with the games, choose a fact family in between 7-12. Try to be as fast as you can! Have fun!


  1. In class we are preparing ourselves to start an information report on an explorer. At home try to fill the Explorer Profile and see how much you already know of the explorer you have chosen. Please try to find information to cover every point.



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