Homework for the Week of March 12 – 16


  1. Fractions: representing them in drawing and writing.
  2. Pizza Shop: word problems on fractions.


LITERACY – Reading and Writing and HUMANITIES

We have been getting ready to start our project on exploration. In class we have studied Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus and now it is time for you to choose an explorer whose discoveries you would like to EXPLORE more! Most of you have already done some research of websites and books about your chosen explorer. Please make sure you include in your report:

1)      Timeline and life story of your explorer

2)      Sponsors for the exploration

3)      Challenges and hardships that the explorer encountered

4)      Maps of routes taken

5)      When: When did this occur?

Where: Where did the explorer go?

Why: Why did s/he start the journey?

6)      Changes in the country explored

7)      New and Unusual things that s/he brought back to sponsor country

8)      Impact of the exploration on the world

You can choose how you want to present your report: it could be an information report (written text just like your biography), a power point presentation, a poster or an interview. Whichever format you choose, please make sure that it includes all the important information outlined in the storyboard, plus pictures, maps, and illustrations to further explain your writing. Please note that depending on your chosen explorer you might not have information on every question (e.g. space and underwater explorers).

The project is due on Friday March 23. I suggest you spend this week finding all the needed information and the following week putting it all together in your chosen format. Please use the Explorer Profile as well as the information collected in class using the UNIS Encyclopedias.

Enjoy your exploration of the explorers!


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