From Monday, March 19 through Friday, March 23, Junior School students will be engaging in a Support-a-thon. The idea was brought to our JS grade level coordinator group by Ms. Valenzuela’s J1 class as they wanted to reach out and show support for one of their classmates. As a team, we jumped on board, and from that moment there has been a great deal of excitement among classes about how best they can show their support for a particular issue. Each grade has created a presentation which shows how their action is supporting a particular cause or global concern. Please see the list below:

J4 – will create pieces of writing to be shared with the Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

J3 – will “Go Green” for the Support-a-Thon. The children will wear green to support being a global citizen and caring for the environment.

J2 – will do “UNIS has got your back(pack)” and provide used backpacks for children in Luanda.

J1 – will do Heading Towards Healing. They will be wearing funky hats for painful joints.

JA – will be supporting clean water (linked to UNICEF’s Tap Project). The children will wear blue.


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