Moving Up and Moving On

Dear Parents of J4R,

For the past few weeks I have often caught myself saying ‘When you are in M1…”. Moving up to Middle School is very much on our minds now that we approach May and the last 7 weeks of school. These final weeks will be extra special to me as well, as I will be moving on when this academic year is over. After very careful consideration, I have decided not to seek another contract with UNIS. UNIS is a wonderful school with a wonderful student body and extremely supportive parents. However, previously I have worked in schools that run their curriculum according to the PYP; the Primary Years Program that leads up to Middle Years Program (MYP) and eventually to DP (the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate). Though I have really enjoyed getting to know the UNIS curriculum, I have really missed PYP and the way learning is approached through that teaching philosophy. Also, I have missed my time in Asia, all my friends there and the lifestyle that the warmth provides, and thus I have decided to return back to my previous school in Thailand.

I was sharing these news with J4R students today, so I wanted to share them with you as well, in case the students talk about it at home or they have questions. I have promised that, instead of coming to visit me in J4 area next year, they can send me emails. I will give my email address to them later at the end of the year. I will want to hear how they are doing in the much expected and anticipated Middle School!

Thank you for your support and help at all times. I know already that I will miss UNIS and the lovely J4R and their parents!

Best, Maija


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