Homework for the week of May 7 – 11


Our final homework project is on Revolutions. At school we are focusing on the American Revolution, learning about the history of our host/home country. We have talked about other revolutions, uprisings, coups and civil wars as well. Now you have a chance to explore one conflict more in detail. It could be part of your home country’s history or just a place/event that you are interested in or know something about.

In your work, you should include:

  • Causes: What were the reasons for the uprising?
  • Leaders: Who were the main leaders organizing the movement?
  • People initiating the revolution: Who were the people taking part in      the movement?
  • Before and after events: What were some of the main events that led to      some changes?
  • Casualties – who were the victims of this revolution?
  • Changes: What changes took place after the revolution?
  • Accomplishments: What was accomplished by this uprising?

Please also include maps and pictures to highlight important events, leaders and locations.

Choose a way to present your findings that fits best the information you found and the event that you are reporting on. You could be making

  • A Power Point
  • An Information Report
  • A poster
  • An Interview (e.g. between important leaders, opposing groups of people etc.) You could present it as a script, or dramatize an actual interview
  • A Scratch project
  • A Comic Book Strip

The project is due on Thursday May 24. Use this first week on doing research, the second week for outlining your findings and making sure you have found all the needed information and then the third week on presenting your findings. So that you get a good start, this week we won’t have any other homework (except for everyday reading) but on the following two weeks, you will receive Math homework. So plan your time well, and start researching your topic TODAY!

If you are not sure what you would like to do, spend some time finding out about different revolutions through Brainpop, just like we did at school. Go to www.brainpop.com and put in the Unis username and the password. You can use search words of revolutions, revolutionary war etc. Good luck and enjoy!



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