Costumes needed for the Performance!

Dear Parents of J4R,

You have received an invitation to our End of the Year Performance that takes place on Tuesday June 5th at 9 o’clock. We are busy getting ready for the performances but we still have one piece of the puzzle missing: the costumes. Without giving out too much of the details of the performance, I can tell you that we need three different outfits: jungle vines, insects and snakes. The outfits for each character are:

Jungle Vines                                       Insects                                  Snakes

Colorful (orange, green, yellow)   colorful clothing       green, brown, or black tops and

Clothing                                               wings                                    pants

(even red and brown will work)      Antennae                            bathing cap

Find out from your child which part s/he is playing. If you happen to have extras for others in the class as well, and you don’t mind lending them out, please have your child bring them to school. We are especially in need of bathing caps, insect wings and antennae. If you have anything that could be used for these purposes, please send them in. The bathing caps will be drawn on, so think carefully if you want to have Sharpe snake patterns on yours! Please mark each item with your child’s name so that we don’t lose them. Thank you so much for your collaboration and help!


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