Homework for the Week of May 29 – June 1


Explorer Scratch projects – Ms Zammarano has now put all the projects in one. Take some time to look through your friends’ projects and learn about their explorer. Share your own Scratch project with your parents. Find them in here: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/161183

LITERACY – Writing

At school you have started a piece of writing about your explorer. It is now time to get that piece finished. Remember the genre is historic fiction – you may invent some events in your explorer’s life but they have to fall along the lines of his/her life. Use the facts that you know about his/her life and fill in the gaps with events that could have happened to him/her according to all the knowledge you have gained.

First finish your draft. You may write it on computer straight away if it helps you. Then edit it and share it with your parents. If they give you ideas how to revise your writing, please do that. Then finally type up a nice copy of your final piece. Bring the nice copy to school on Friday.

Dedicate about two nights for the draft and one night for the final nice copy.


Problem-Solving Skill: Analyze Visual problems – Start with the page 420 and then go to p. 419.


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