The Last EVER Homework for J4R!


You have done a great report/presentation on a revolution you chose. At school we have focused on American Revolution. Compare now the events, causes and outcomes of your revolution and the American Revolution using the Venn Diagram provided. If you researched American Revolution, then make a comparison between Patriot America and Loyalist America.

LITERACY – Writing

The year is coming to an end and it is time to look back and reflect on the year. What were some of the highlights of the year for you? Were there some surprises, disappointments, challenges, learning moments that have really stuck in your mind? Think about your year and tell about the moments that were important to you. Please write this in letter format. You can use a computer or just write it by hand.


Problem-Solving Skill: Choose a Computation Method. Start with Reteach and then do the Practice.


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