What a day we had on Monday! First of all, thank you to all the parents for attending the Math Open House – the room was very full (!) of excitement, laughter and learning! We were even more excited to show you our AMAZING Revolutions Projects – so much of incredible learning had been achieved through the projects and we were happy to have a chance to share that learning with you!

The afternoon was full of surprises! I knew something was going on as I had seen Nina, Lucy and Sam whispering about it all day.  But I could not have expected a more fabulous surprise! The students had put together a leaving party for me! They had gotten Mrs. Descamps involved, who had given them a permission to stay inside for the break and hide away in Mrs. Go’s Science Lab. Then they got Mrs. Jenkins to come and pull me away from my class room with a ridiculous little excuse and while I was with Mrs. Jenkins, Nina, Lucy and Sam laid out the party food with the help of Mrs. Descamps.  They had purchased and prepared vegetables, chips and a dip, Finnish chocolate from the delicious  (Swedish) candy store in West Village called Sockerbit, and Melissa’s cupcakes!

So when I had picked up the class from Long Play, there was this amazing party laid out for all of us! Nina had also prepared a great song/dance list on her Youtube account, starting with the Finnish National Anthem with the Finnish flag as a background! I hope Nina will be able to put her list on the open YOUtube so that I can post it later here on the blog.

We had so much fun dancing around the room, singing together and enjoying the treats!







Thank you to Nina, Lucy, and Sam for organising this wonderful surprise!

Thank you to all J4R students for celebrating with me!

Ms. Ruokanen


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