Homework for the Week of May 29 – June 1


Explorer Scratch projects – Ms Zammarano has now put all the projects in one. Take some time to look through your friends’ projects and learn about their explorer. Share your own Scratch project with your parents. Find them in here: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/161183

LITERACY – Writing

At school you have started a piece of writing about your explorer. It is now time to get that piece finished. Remember the genre is historic fiction – you may invent some events in your explorer’s life but they have to fall along the lines of his/her life. Use the facts that you know about his/her life and fill in the gaps with events that could have happened to him/her according to all the knowledge you have gained.

First finish your draft. You may write it on computer straight away if it helps you. Then edit it and share it with your parents. If they give you ideas how to revise your writing, please do that. Then finally type up a nice copy of your final piece. Bring the nice copy to school on Friday.

Dedicate about two nights for the draft and one night for the final nice copy.


Problem-Solving Skill: Analyze Visual problems – Start with the page 420 and then go to p. 419.


A Busy Week Ahead!

Dear Parents,

This week we have a lot of events that are out of our usual routine. Here are some reminders about them:

Tuesday, May 8

Field trip to Fraunces Tavern Museum –  We will be having an early lunch at 11.30 right after our PE session. We will leave the school at 12.00 to make it to the Museum by 12.30. Mr. Kamada (Takaki’s father) and Mr. Giobbi (Valentino’s father) will be accompanying us, as will J4B and a half of J4W. We should be back at school by 2.30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 9

J1-J4 Sports Day  – Please make sure the students come prepared with a hat, sneakers and shorts, personal water bottle, sunblock lotion and a snack. They will get the Sports day t-shirts on Tuesday. In case of bad weather conditions, the substitution day for the sports activities is Friday, May 11. Please check the school’s website on Wednesday morning just in case!

Thursday, May 10

Story Book Parade – Have your child come to school dressed as their favorite story book character! We will be taking part in a Parade starting at 9.00 a.m. We will be walking around the school in our costumes and have an Assembly later in the day to celebrate our favorite story books!

Friday, May 11

Possible Sports Day substitution day if the weather doesn’t agree with us on Wednesday. Otherwise, just a normal Friday…

Enjoy the week full of special events!

International Book Fair & Food Festival

Dear Parents,

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday at the International Book Fair. The students will be reading their pieces of writing for you. J4R Author Readings will take place in Music Room 252  at 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. Please make sure your child is ready to come and read at 1.55 p.m.

There will be Author readings throughout the day by the lower grades. There will also be books for sale, arts and crafts, Children’s Market, playground fun and a raffle. You can also enjoy a delicious feast at the International Food Fair. The event starts at UNIS at 10:00 a.m.

See you all there!

PS. It is adviced that you buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid long queues at the entrance on Saturday. Tickets are on sale at school at pick up times every day this week!

End of the Year Dates!

Just a reminder for important dates approaching in May and June:

Saturday May 5 – JS International Book & Craft Fair

Wednesday May 9 – J1 – J4 Sports Day

Thursday May 10 – Storybook Parade

Friday May 11 – Sports Day Rain Date

Wednesday May 23 – Middle School Orientation for J-4 students

Friday May 25 – Memorial Day – No Classes

Monday May 28 – Memorial Day – No Classes

Thursday May 31 – T4 Graduation – half day for students

Friday June 1 – JS/MS/TH Appreciation Brunch @ 11:30 – Garden

Wednesday June  5 – J-4 End-of-Year performance 9:00 theater; followed by brunch in the classroom

Monday June 11 – Care Program Last Day

Monday June 11-  J-4  Math  workshop, 9:00 a.m. – Parents invited

Tuesday June 12 – Last Day of School for Students – Half Day



Homework for the Week of April 16-20

We have decided as a class that we want to save paper and thus contribute positively to preserving our environment ; therefore the homework instructions  won’t be distributed in hard copy anymore  but can be read from this blog from now on.

 LITERACY – Spelling and Word Study/Typing
1. This week you are getting a new list of spelling words to practice. Practice all the words from 1-20 of them by writing the words on the list with your neatest handwriting! Then practice them by writing in two different colors and alternating the colors in every letter so that every second letter is the different color. Of course, do first LOOK-COVER-SAY-WRITE before you write them in your homework book.
2. Practice typing the words on computer. If you want to print it out, you can glue it in your homework book.
 LITERACY – Reading
1. While reading this week, make some story notes. Notice the setting, pay attention to characters and focus on the problem the story is built around.
2. Make detailed notes on the most interesting parts of the story, maybe some special things in it (i.e. special language) and then think what is the overall message the story has (theme). What is the author trying to tell you?

MATH Practice Fractions:
1. Finding the least Common Denominator.
2. Using number lines to find equivalent fractions.
1. Click on the link


And figure out how to crack the code of longitudes and latitudes. All the instructions are on the page. Click on the links to find the clues.

2. Now do the Family X-Files’ task for Older Xpeditioners: finding out where your birthday is located in the world!

J4R Homework for the Week of March 19 – 23


  1. Problem-Solving Strategy: Draw a picture (Reteach 7-5)
  2. Use drawing as a strategy to solve problems (Practice 7-5)


LITERACY – Reading and Writing and HUMANITIES

You should be well on your way in your research of the chosen explorer. Make sure you have made an attempt to find information about each of the topic on the story board. Now it is time to focus on presenting your findings in your chosen format:  it could be an information report (written text just like your biography), a power point presentation, a poster or an interview. Whichever format you choose, please make sure that it includes pictures, maps, and illustrations to further explain your writing.

The project is due this Friday March 23.

Homework for the Week of March 12 – 16


  1. Fractions: representing them in drawing and writing.
  2. Pizza Shop: word problems on fractions.


LITERACY – Reading and Writing and HUMANITIES

We have been getting ready to start our project on exploration. In class we have studied Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus and now it is time for you to choose an explorer whose discoveries you would like to EXPLORE more! Most of you have already done some research of websites and books about your chosen explorer. Please make sure you include in your report:

1)      Timeline and life story of your explorer

2)      Sponsors for the exploration

3)      Challenges and hardships that the explorer encountered

4)      Maps of routes taken

5)      When: When did this occur?

Where: Where did the explorer go?

Why: Why did s/he start the journey?

6)      Changes in the country explored

7)      New and Unusual things that s/he brought back to sponsor country

8)      Impact of the exploration on the world

You can choose how you want to present your report: it could be an information report (written text just like your biography), a power point presentation, a poster or an interview. Whichever format you choose, please make sure that it includes all the important information outlined in the storyboard, plus pictures, maps, and illustrations to further explain your writing. Please note that depending on your chosen explorer you might not have information on every question (e.g. space and underwater explorers).

The project is due on Friday March 23. I suggest you spend this week finding all the needed information and the following week putting it all together in your chosen format. Please use the Explorer Profile as well as the information collected in class using the UNIS Encyclopedias.

Enjoy your exploration of the explorers!