Costumes needed for the Performance!

Dear Parents of J4R,

You have received an invitation to our End of the Year Performance that takes place on Tuesday June 5th at 9 o’clock. We are busy getting ready for the performances but we still have one piece of the puzzle missing: the costumes. Without giving out too much of the details of the performance, I can tell you that we need three different outfits: jungle vines, insects and snakes. The outfits for each character are:

Jungle Vines                                       Insects                                  Snakes

Colorful (orange, green, yellow)   colorful clothing       green, brown, or black tops and

Clothing                                               wings                                    pants

(even red and brown will work)      Antennae                            bathing cap

Find out from your child which part s/he is playing. If you happen to have extras for others in the class as well, and you don’t mind lending them out, please have your child bring them to school. We are especially in need of bathing caps, insect wings and antennae. If you have anything that could be used for these purposes, please send them in. The bathing caps will be drawn on, so think carefully if you want to have Sharpe snake patterns on yours! Please mark each item with your child’s name so that we don’t lose them. Thank you so much for your collaboration and help!


Homework for the Week of May 29 – June 1


Explorer Scratch projects – Ms Zammarano has now put all the projects in one. Take some time to look through your friends’ projects and learn about their explorer. Share your own Scratch project with your parents. Find them in here:

LITERACY – Writing

At school you have started a piece of writing about your explorer. It is now time to get that piece finished. Remember the genre is historic fiction – you may invent some events in your explorer’s life but they have to fall along the lines of his/her life. Use the facts that you know about his/her life and fill in the gaps with events that could have happened to him/her according to all the knowledge you have gained.

First finish your draft. You may write it on computer straight away if it helps you. Then edit it and share it with your parents. If they give you ideas how to revise your writing, please do that. Then finally type up a nice copy of your final piece. Bring the nice copy to school on Friday.

Dedicate about two nights for the draft and one night for the final nice copy.


Problem-Solving Skill: Analyze Visual problems – Start with the page 420 and then go to p. 419.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I’d like to take this opportunity to promote a book that Tal’s dad, Geoff Rodkey has written:

The Cronicles of Egg: Deadweather and Sunrise

I have not read it yet (but it is arriving in the mail next week) but here are some reviews from people who have:

and another:

It might not make it to this holiday weekend’s reading, but maybe to the summer holiday reading list! I know J4r students are fans of this genre, so I’m looking forward to hearing how they like the book.

Have a lovely long weekend with hopefully many opportunities to read as well!

Homework for the Week of May 21 – 24


  1. Classifying triangles
  2. Quick Check!


I hope you are now well on your way in researching the revolution/uprising that you are interested in. Remember that the project is due this Thursday May 24.  Now it is time to start concentrating on the presentation of the project. If you are not yet in this stage then please work hard every night to complete the work before the long weekend.

J1-J4 Sports Day!

Last Friday all the classes from J1 to J4 took part in the Sports Day organised by the PE Department. The Sports Day was not only about sports and exercise but also about sportsmanship, fair game, effort and having FUN! J4 started the day with Cricket and then advanced to different ball games, relays and Circus skills taught by real circus performers!















After the lunch and much-anticipated Soccer game, all the participating students met with Mrs. Jenkins in the gym. Afterwards the students were in for a real treat, a real circus visiting the school and showing us some amazing tricks. Lucky Nina from J4R, she got to be a volunteer in one of their acts!

























The day ended with an ice cream sunday and a big smile on everyone’s face!

NY1 with Pat Kiernan

On Monday we had a special opportunity to go and visit NY1 TV Studios where Lucy’s Dad Mr. Kiernan works. Some of the students had been in the Studios before in Grade Two, but for many of us the visit was the first and the opportunity to go in front of the TV cameras nerve-wrecking!

We first met with Mr. Kiernan to discuss his work and go through our lines. Then we headed to the Studio where we learnt about the green screen and the monitors that help the news readers to clearly convey their message. After that it was our show time!

J4R students did a great job reading the day’s headlines! After the recording we had time to go and visit the Weather Studios as well as see the news readers in action. We learnt so much about TV Studios and newscasting. Thank you, Mr. Kiernan, for giving us this amazing opportunity to see your work in action!

And here you can see us in action! Enjoy it!